Note On Otis And Bayley’s Addition To SmackDown’s Survivor Series Teams


The stars were added to the teams through a promo

The card for the Survivor Series PPV wasn’t finalized until the last minute and WWE confirmed the final members of the SmackDown Survivor Series team during the go home episode of the show.

The episode saw producer Adam Pearce naming Otis as the final member of the men’s team. He also gave Bayley a spot in the women’s team to complete the numbers.

Regarding these additions, Dave Meltzer noted on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio that both these stars were simply placed on these teams because the company ran out of time.

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The officials apparently felt that they didn’t have enough time on the show to add two more qualifying matches so they just decided to make the announcement in a promo.

Meltzer noted how it contradicts their own booking from earlier on when Pearce had told Braun Strowman that he couldn’t just be added to the Raw’s Survivor Series team and he had to qualify first.

The former Universal Champion then had to compete in a triple threat match against Keith Lee and Sheamus. Strowman won this match to qualify for the PPV and join the team.

The Survivor Series PPV saw team Raw taking on Team SmackDown in both men’s and women’s elimination matches and the champions of both brands colliding with each other. Check out the complete Survivor Series results here.