“Pro Wrestling Is The Last Business To Be In If You Have any Mental Issues” – Ryback


The Big Guy talks about Lars Sullivan run in WWE

Former WWE Superstar Ryback recently discussed Lars Sullivan on his Shooting Blanks Pro Wrestling podcast. It has been noted over the past several years that Sullivan has been suffering from mental health issues, and these appear to now be being brought to television for his on screen persona.

The initial segments from late October/early November showed signs of a mental health based angle, however these have ceased recently, leading some to believe that the angle was nixed.

Ryback on Lars Sullivan

“He does have psychological issues to a degree. Sullivan’s had counselling and had issues and they’re kind of putting him in that role on TV, of acknowledging the problems” Ryback would begin on the podcast. “Which is a great storyline, if you’re doing something with it.”

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As mention the angle appears to have been sidelined for the time being, and Ryback questioned why the company would pull the trigger only to renege on it. “But then all of a sudden…to do that and then to [pull the angle]? There could be something to that where he goes, ‘look, I’m not comfortable doing this guys.’ Then [they say] ‘it’s okay you’re off TV until we’re gonna figure out,’ maybe they’re finding something different. That’s a very realistic scenario.”

Ryback would then praise Sullivan as a presence on the show, saying he could be a big time player in WWE. “There’s money in Lars Sullivan. “There’s money with him, to a degree. But I’m saying this, pro wrestling is the last business you need to be in if you have any mental issues, regardless.”

“[That could be] anxiety, or anything” Ryback continued. “You have to have thick, thick skin in pro wrestling on every aspect, especially in the WWE land. I think AEW in a way? It’s a friendlier environment. But the land of WWE? They can eat you alive.”

Do you agree with Ryback? Do you think that Lars Sullivan could end up a big star in WWE? Let us know in the comments