Retribution Has Taken Over WWE’s Twitter Account


WWE faction Retribution has executed a hostile takeover of the company’s official Twitter account, @WWE. On Tuesday morning, the WWE Twitter account posted the following video of the takeover:

Retribution leader Mustafa Ali declared that the @WWE account is now his.

Since then, Retribution has been retweeting posts from the account @TheMessage:

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Retribution members T-Bar, Mace and Reckoning

Twitter has launched a new featured called Fleets, which is similar to the ‘story’ functionality on competitor services like Snapchat and Instagram. Retribution members used the hijacked @WWE account to cut ‘fleet’ promos.

Mustafa Ali said, “Payback is for the weak. Retribution is for the strong. And now we write our own story. We have the pen in our hand – and if that pen pen should run out of ink, that’s fine because we will use our own blood to finish writing the story. We will not rest until we shut you down.”