Ricky Starks Talks Training and Being Friends with The Undertaker


The AEW star talks training with The Deadman

All Elite Wrestling star Ricky Starks recently appeared on Chris Van Vliet’s podcast. The current member of Taz’s on-screen stable discussed a number of topics during the show; these included including how signed with AEW and being friends with The Undertaker.

“So back in Austin? There’s a gym called Onnit” Ricky Starks began, as he told the story of his meeting Mark Calloway. “I only started going to Onnit because I thought I would have a [WWE] tryout back in 2016. So I was training way before I fully had my tryout.”

Ricky Starks on The Undertaker

“And so I was there, barely making it by because the fee is $194 a month, and I was making minimum wage” Ricky Starks continued. “So I would go at the same time that ‘Taker was there. Undertaker was preparing for his match against Shane [McMahon] in Dallas for WrestleMania 32. He was there constantly.”

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Ricky Starks would then confirm that Undertaker was filming what would become The Last Ride documentary for WWE Network. “He was filming a documentary, but he was filming a documentary just for his family, because he figured that would be the last one. I’d befriended the the guy who was doing the documentary, his name is Brandon. He’s a really nice dude, I told him like ‘Taker one of my favourites, and I would talk to ‘Taker. I went up to him say thank you for everything, and so since I was there all the time? Undertaker would come and make small talk with me.”

The AEW star would finish by saying how he actually trained with Undertaker before his match against John Cena at WrestleMania 34. This was especially surreal for Starks, as he has mentioned how he is a ‘mega fan’ of the Deadman.

“‘Taker was getting ready for his match against Cena at ‘Mania 34 in New Orleans. He had us up and wanted to train, so WWE sent this ring to this location, it was a sick setup. I’ll never forget, we were in there, I want to say for two days or three days? I was in the ring sparring with Undertaker and I, I cannot fathom it. I cannot understand it!?”

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