Ryback: “AEW Is Going To Be The Number One Promotion”


The Big Guy makes a bold claim about All Elite Wrestling

Former WWE Superstar Ryback recently invited David Benoit onto The Ryback Show podcast. During the show The Big Guy would discuss with Benoit the differences in backstage atmospheres between AEW and WWE.

When Benoit stated that AEW seemed “a lot happier” backstage, Ryback would agree. “That’s the vibe from what I’ve been told. That starts from the top down” Ryback would begin.

Ryback Talks AEW vs WWE

“Wrestling is…I feel like it’s more of a ‘team atmosphere’ right now? Everyone realizes that they all need each other to do what they’re going to do” The Big Guy would continue, before making a huge claim about All Elite Wrestling. “I think they’re (AEW) going to be the number one promotion moving forward, sooner rather than later.”

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Ryback would elaborate on the point, saying how WWE‘s schedule is not conjunctive to a happy working environment. “With what they’re (AEW) doing? Even with the work schedule and how they’re treating the talent? I think it’s gonna force, it already has in a way WWE, to alter things a little bit.”

The Big Guy would finish by re-iterating that WWE‘s schedule needs to change. With the COVID-19 pandemic stopping extensive travel it has somewhat calmed the talent’s constant movement; but there’s no guarantee that house shows will not be back in some form in 2021. “I’m a big believer that the work schedule [in WWE] needs to change. Because it’s just not conducive to a healthy lifestyle in any way shape or form.”

Ryback has in the past made these claims about AEW overtaking WWE as the top brand in wrestling. In the last few months he has ramped up his opinions on the ‘battle’ between arguably the two biggest promotions worldwide.

Do you agree with Ryback? Do you think that AEW can truly compete and actually beat WWE at some point down the road? Let us know in the comments