Ryback Explains Why He Publicly Criticizes WWE


Former WWE Superstar Ryback has opened up about why he publicly criticizes WWE, explaining how they "betrayed me from the start."

Former WWE Superstar Ryback has opened up about why he publicly scrutinizes his former employer. He explained his reasoning after fans questioned him about his vocal criticisms.

Taking to Twitter, Ryback had argued how the “frustration Vince McMahon has lived is empowering people.”

He explained how Vince’s “evil ways” will always ensure people leave him. Ryback then proposed that if Vince learned to “empower and love talents fully,” they would always love him in return.

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Ultimately, he believes “Vince is living in fear and going up in flames for his own insecurities due to his father.”

Ryback Explains How WWE “Betrayed” Him

Replying to another fan, who argued that the former Superstar had built his own brand following his release, Ryback explained how WWE had “betrayed” him from the start.

He added how they “never once offered to help with the problems they were responsible for.”

According to him, WWE “suppressed my Social media and forcing me to spend lots of cash for a trademark they only renewed because it was being awarded to me.”

“It’s all my fault and I will fix it as I have. This isn’t about creative or any of the fake BS, it’s about life and I will continue to speak up for change. I get nothing from doing so, but I believe change is already happening in the business for the better.

“The Big Guy” had noted how fans don’t know the ins and outs of his personal life. He shared how he needed 16 stem cell procedures to save his back and shoulder from injuries.