Shane Helms Comments On Cameos In Pro Wrestling


Shane "Hurricane" Helms has shared his thoughts on cameos in pro wrestling, revealing he had often pitched WWE to include more faces from the past.

Shane Helms recently appeared in a cameo during All Elite Wrestling’s Elite Deletion matchup. He made an appearance during the bout between Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara as The Hurricane. He wasn’t the only one to appear during the matchup, however, with Gangrel also making an appearance.

According to Helms, pro wrestling should utilize more cameo appearances like this. On a recent episode of the ROH Strong podcast, Helms revealed how he had been pitching cameos to WWE for years. 

“As far as multiple guests, that was something I had been putting in Matt’s ear for years because I tried to get WWE to do it on my first run,” Helms said. “Leading up to like the Raw Anniversary shows, they would bring in a surprise and the crowd would always go crazy.”

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Helms continued, “I couldn’t figure out why they wouldn’t do that more. There are so many guys from WWE‘s history that would come in for two or three weeks and the crowd wanted them there.”

Shane Helms On Pitching WWE

According to Helms, he frequently pitched WWE to bring in names from its past. He argued that it was obvious fans loved seeing old faces. Helms then pointed to the reception those names would get on the independent scene as evidence of this:

“They have a core group of guys and then they bring in an old school television character. It was working on the Independent level, I promise it would work on this level and in turn it would make the Independent scene hotter.”

Shane Helms one of many WWE personnel to be furloughed and subsequently released by WWE earlier this year. WWE cited the release as a decision due to the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on business. He has since been rehired by WWE.