The Undertaker On Who Should Have Ended The Streak


The Undertaker says Brock Lesnar did not need the win

A lot of people still believe that Brock Lesnar was not the right choice to end the undefeated WrestleMania streak of The Undertaker and during a recent interview, The Dead Man revealed who he thinks should have done the job.

The former world champion recently had an interview with Sports Illustrated where he talked about many things and discussed the ending of his famous WrestleMania Streak in detail.

Taker first mentioned how he thinks that Brock Lesnar did not need the victory and the Last Outlaw later went on to explain that the win would have done much more for Roman Reigns:

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“I don’t think Brock needed that victory,” said Taker. “Brock was huge. Brock was just coming back from UFC and he’s an attraction all to himself. And whether he loses to The Undertaker isn’t gonna hurt his stock one bit. He’s still gonna be the Beast Incarnate.

“It would’ve done much more for Roman Reigns than it would’ve for Brock Lesnar.” said The Undertaker, “Roman Reigns would’ve made a lot more sense for me than Brock.”

The WWE Legend was asked if he ever tried to change Vince McMahon‘s mind about the decision and he mentioned how they have had several disagreements about various storylines over the years.

The Undertaker then recalled how Vince McMahon came down to the dressing room on the day of the show. The two had a discussion and it was there that they made the final decision to end the Streak.

You can check out Taker’s full interview at this link.