Tony Khan Reveals AEW Full Gear Match He’s “Personally Invested In” as a Fan


The AEW President hypes the match between Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page

AEW President Tony Khan recently appeared on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio. Khan would discuss a number of topics on the show involving the Full Gear PPV this weekend. Full Gear takes place on Saturday 7th November and is available to purchase on FITE TV (for international viewers). And B/R Live in the United States.

Tony Khan was asked on the show what match he was most looking forward to on the PPV itself. The AEW President would reveal that the match he is “personally invested” in? Kenny Omega vs Hangman Adam Page.

Tony Khan on Omega vs Page

“Probably Kenny Omega and Hangman Page” Khan began on the show. “With the build? We’ve put so much story into it, but they are also just two of the best wrestlers in the world. They’ve been one of the best tag teams in AEW.”

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“They’ve gone back years” Tony Khan would continue. “[Even] before there was an AEW, or before I knew I would get into the wrestling business even! They just work together. The team of Kenny and Hangman was something new and something actually that I wanted to do for Dynamite.”

Tony Khan would then reveal why he wanted to have the team together on AEW programming. “For the early episodes [of Dynamite], to have another great team within The Elite. Because you had at the time The Young Bucks and you had Cody. and then you had Hangman and Kenny, and with Hangman and Kenny I thought, ‘you know there’s a great chance for them to have some great matches and maybe we can tell this great story down the line.'”

“The more they did together? The more I think this made sense” Khan continued. “Like everyone else? I am personally invested in Kenny versus Hangman Page. From having seen them be the greatest tag team and having worked with them? I think that as individuals they can both be the AEW Champion.”

Do you think that Kenny Omega vs Hangman Page could be best the best bout at Full Gear? Do you think that this will lead to a Kenny or Page facing Jon Moxley OR Eddie Kingston down the line? Let us know in the comments

Tony Khan
Tony Khan.