Update On Cody Using “Cody Rhodes” In AEW


Is Cody going to go by Cody Rhodes again?

News broke yesterday that WWE has abandoned its attempt to renew its former trademark of the name “Cody Rhodes” seemingly opening the door for Cody to use his old ring name. According to comments he made recently on a media call to promote Full Gear, however, Cody is saying he plans on sticking with just his first name for wrestling purposes.

Cody did say that he is excited about being able to use Cody Rhodes again. He will only use the name for 3rd party projects, however. He also noted that there were no hard-feelings between him and WWE regarding the trademark.

John Pollock has been live Tweeting from the call.

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Also during the call, Cody noted that he will still abide by the stipulation that says he can never challenge for the AEW World Championship again.

There have been rumours and speculation regarding another AEW show airing on TNT. Cody confirmed that the 2nd show won’t simply be AEW Dark and it won’t be an extra hour added onto Dynamite either.

Cody will look to defend the TNT Championship against Darby Allin Saturday night at Full Gear. It will be their 4th singles match in AEW, with the first match going to a time-limit draw and Cody winning the next two.