Wardlow Talks Idea of MJF Joining The Inner Circle with Chris Jericho


MJF's bodyguard discusses the ongoing feud with Chris Jericho

All Elite Wrestling star Wardlow recently appeared on Vickie Guerrero’s Excuse Me! Podcast. The ‘bodyguard’ of Maxwell Jacob Friedman discussed a number of topics during his time on the show.

These included his first match on AEW television against Cody Rhodes and MJF‘s match against Chris Jericho this Saturday at Full Gear. Full Gear takes place on Saturday 7th November and is available to purchase on FITE TV (for international viewers). The PPV is available on B/R Live in the United States.

Wardlow on The Inner Circle

“As far as my opinion, or how I feel about the Inner Circle? I’ve never been one to need a bunch of friends or need to be in a group or whatever” Wardlow stated on the podcast. “At the end of the day? I’m Max’s guy. Where Max/MJF goes? I go.”

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Wardlow would talk directly about the leader of the Inner Circle, Chris Jericho. MJF and Jericho are currently feuding and will be facing each other at the aforementioned Full Gear this weekend. Wardlow would say that MJF is ‘welcome’ to join Inner Circle if he wishes, and he’ll always have his back.

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“Whatever he wants to be a part of? I’m there to have his back. At the end of the day, Chris Jericho is Chris Jericho. So to be associated with him? I don’t find any negative. I don’t think there’s any negative that could exist in that situation.”

Do you think that MJF will join Inner Circle? Do you think that Chris Jericho will end up getting booted from the group? Let us know in the comments