EC3 Reveals He Pitched a ‘Fight Club’ Style Character in WWE


The former WWE Superstar talks the character he pitched in NXT

Former WWE Superstar EC3 recently appeared on Chris Van Vliet’s podcast. The one percenter would discuss a number of topics during his time on the show. These would include his ‘fight club’ character he pitched to WWE and how the pandemic stopped him from handing in his release request.

“I think leaving IMPACT? I like change” EC3 would begin, discussing his move from IMPACT to WWE‘s NXT brand. “So I don’t like to rest on my laurels and coming from IMPACT and going to NXT? Although I already had a brand and identity, it was a little different to what I wanted.”

EC3 on The Reboot

EC3 would then discuss how he saw the chance to join WWE as a way to ‘reboot’ the EC3 character for a new audience. “I would call the character [in NXT] a reboot, a little bit. Because obviously some of the intangibles with the character would have to change, being in the WWE Universe.”

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“But also at the same time? It’s [the EC3 brand] known” the former Derrick Bateman would continue. “It’s a popular brand/identity that I could expand out within the WWE realm, so it would be cool.”

EC3 would finish by revealing that he pitched a Tyler Durden in Fight Club type character when he was in NXT. Before the character could be fleshed out EC3 was brought up to the main roster, which EC3 would describe as ‘rebooting a reboot.’

“But then again? I’m just rehashing the best of it. It never felt right and comfortable. I had this idea that I wanted to do as kind of a psycho boy. A sort of ‘Durden-esque,’ culty kind of leader? Talking about evidence of truth and your purpose and finding yourself within the realms of combat and fighting. So I pitched that, but instead of that? I got called up, and then now we’re rebooting a reboot, that nobody has a vested interest in. The rest is mediocre history.”

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