EC3 Talks Health Issues After Testing Positive For Coronavirus


EC3 reveals how he has been since testing positive for coronavirus

EC3 was pulled from this Friday’s Final Battle PPV of Ring Of Honor after the former TNA world champion was tested positive for coronavirus.

The former WWE star recently had an interview with Chris Van Vliet where he talked about a number of things and he also revealed how he has been since his positive test.

EC3 first revealed that he has been quarantined for over a week at this point and the former NXT star claimed that he is at the tail end of COVID:

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“I’ve been quarantined for a week to ten days, yeah, at this point, I have COVID, I’m at the tail end of it. It sucked a little bit, some of it wasn’t bad. I’m healthy, so I was fortune.

EC3 also detailed some of the health issues he has had to deal with since being diagnosed but he claimed that it felt like the flu or bad cold most of the time:

“I had none of the respiratory issues, kind of felt like the flu or a moderately bad cold some of the times. I would say one day I overdid it on my carb load, or I was sick with COVID and it attacked my stomach because I was farting way too much.

One day, I had a real bad set of chills where I had a double hoodie. One night, I had a ten-minute respiratory cough and I was like, ‘I get why this sucks now.’ Woah! I feel like I was breathing fire and then I’ve been fine ever since.”

Apart from this, EC3 talked about things like having no crowd for shows, wrestling without fans and how ROH has the best wrestling in the world. You can check out his full interview below: