Elias On Being ‘Personally Offended’ By WWE Legends Returning


Raw Superstar Elias has explained why he used to be "personally offended" when WWE Legends returned to the promotion.

Raw Superstar Elias has had the opportunity to work with, and opposite, some of WWE‘s most beloved Legends. However, during a recent interview with Lilian Garcia on her podcast Chasing Glory, Elias revealed how he used to get “offended” by Legends being featured on WWE programming.

Elias shared how he would be “personally offended” by Legends like The Undertaker, Kane, and Shawn Michaels coming back to WWE.

“The reason would be that I should either be in there with those guys and learning from them and they should be passing on the knowledge or they just should not be there because it’s the new guy’s time. That’s how I felt. I had a little bit of anger towards that generation.”

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He argued how he was getting loud reactions from the WWE Universe and that despite his hard work, Legends would just come back and “[…] take spots at WrestleMania. They take spots at big PPV’s. Elias is shoved to the side for whatever reason. I had like an anger about that.”

Elias then shared how he watched the Undertaker’s docuseries, The Last Ride. The Raw Superstar explained how the series helped him understand The Undertaker‘s perspective.

“He knows the young guys want his spot. He also knows that he has to let this go sometime and he has been through the ringer. His body has been through it,” Elias said. “But, he just loves the business so much and you can relate to that. I was like, oh, let me put myself in this situation and get paid incredibly well. One of the best of all time. The fans go absolutely insane for the guy. It softens me to go, oh, I get it and I don’t have that anger that I did have before. Who knows if the situation is ever reversed.”

Elias And “The Dead Man”

Regarding The Undertaker, Elias reflected on his opportunities to share the ring with “The Dead Man.” He opened up about on a tag team matchup he had againstt ‘Taker at Madison Square Garden.

Elias shared how he had read interviews explaining how Superstars would be affected by The Undertaker‘s entrance. It was something he didn’t think would impact him. However, he couldn’t deny he felt “goosebumps” as soon as The Undertaker‘s music started.

“Sure enough, when his music went off and Madison Square Garden went crazy and you hear that gong, I got goosebumps then. Then when he came out, it was like the next level. Then when I actually saw him, I can actually feel that moment now.”

Elias appeared on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw alongside his new follower, Jaxson Ryker, who he claimed understands his “universal truth.”