Elias Teases Character Change Following Symphony Of Destruction Match


Raw Superstar Elias has revealed how "something in Elias did change" following being electrocuted during last week's Symphony of Destruction match.

Raw Superstar Elias has teased a change could be on the horizon for his character. Taking to his Twitter account, he addressed his Symphony of Destruction match with Jeff Hardy that took place last Monday Night on Raw. During their bout, Elias would suffer from a storyline electrocution.

In the video, Elias discussed being told by doctors how he would no longer be able to play the guitar again. He then shared how, when he was electrocuted, “something in Elias did change.” According to him, he has since “seen visions” and knows the purpose of his life. It’s something he promises to share with the WWE Universe going forward.

“[…] to those of you that said, ‘Elias deserves it,’ I just have to say, ‘Screw You.’ See, the doctors said that that kind of voltage would have killed an average man,” Elias said. “It certainly would have killed a below-average man, like many of you in the WWE Universe. But Elias is no average man. In fact, that’s why they call me ‘The Extraordinary Elias.'”

“I Have Seen Visions, And I Know The Purpose Of My Life”

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The Superstar continued, “And I can tell you, doctors said I may never be able to play guitar again. But despite all the odds, and [thanks to] modern medicine, I have gained full function in my hands. Now I can tell you: when I was electrocuted, something in Elias did change. And on top of that, I have seen visions, and I know the purpose of my life. And now that I have that knowledge, I will be sharing my gift with all of you.”

Elias lost the Symphony of Destruction match to Jeff Hardy, who suffered a scary moment following a Swanton Bomb to the outside. You can see highlights of their clash below.

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