Eric Bischoff Discusses His WWE Firing In 2005


Eric Bischoff opens up about his WWE run in the early 00s

Eric Bischoff signed with WWE in 2002 to serve as the on-screen Raw General Manager authority figure. He held this post for three years before being relieved in December 2005.

During the latest episode of his 83 weeks podcast, the former WCW president opened up about his kayfabe firing from the position and the real-life situation behind it.

Bischoff recalled how it was Stephanie McMahon who called him to discuss the situation and explain that they wanted to go in a different direction with the storyline:

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“This wasn’t me necessarily getting fired; I got notified by Stephanie McMahon that they just decided they were going to go in a different creative direction.

I still had time left on my contract when I got the call from Stephanie, and she said ‘Look, we’re going to take a different direction, pay you through your contract.” recalled Eric Bischoff, “You didn’t do anything wrong, there’s no heat. We just need to go in a different direction.”

The former WWE star continued by saying that he was tired of playing the same on-screen character as well and he feels like he fulfilled his goal of ending his career in WWE as a performer on a positive note.

Bischoff made a few more sporadic appearances for the promotion after his on-screen firing from the General Manager post. He was finally released by the company in August 2007 after the expiry of his contract.