Evil Uno Details AEW Travel Schedule Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic


Dark Order's Evil Uno has opened up about his current AEW travel schedule, revealing how he and Stu Grayson were worried they would be cut due to COVID-19.

All Elite Wrestling’s Evil Uno has detailed the travel schedule he and fellow Dark Order member Stu Grayson currently have to undertake due to the coronavirus pandemic. Speaking with OttawaSun.com, Evil Uno broke down their journey Florida each week. He also revealed how they were worried the promotion would cut them due to travel restrictions imposed by COVID-19.

“We travel every two weeks (to Florida) and quarantine in between. We don’t leave our houses; that’s a stress,” Evil Uno said. “There was a time where it was very uncertain for both of us because we couldn’t make it to work for several months, so we were at risk of being cut. We didn’t know the scope of what COVID would be like.”

Evil Uno continued, “We also didn’t know what kind of financial hit AEW was going to take. It was stressful at first, but now it feels like the norm. We have deep roots in this area, we helped build up this whole wrestling scene over the past 15 years. We’re still within the decision phase.”

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Evil Uno offered Dustin Rhodes the chance to join the Dark Order during last week’s episode of AEW Dynamite. He suggested Rhodes join them and take on the name ‘Seven,’ referencing Rhodes’s ill-fated WCW gimmick of the same name.

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