Heath Miller On His Bound For Glory Injury, When He’ll Be Back In The Ring


Impact Wrestling's Heath has opened up about his Bound for Glory injury and when he expects to make an in-ring return.

Impact Wrestling‘s Heath has provided an update following his unfortunate injury at the Bound for Glory pay-per-view. Heath opened up to former WWE Superstar Ryback on his podcast, The Ryback Show.

Heath revealed how he was actually meant to win his matchup. He shared how “I got in there and I hit three moves that I hit for the last 15 years of my career. I slide and Myers throws the clothesline. I duck it and that neck breaker felt like somebody stabbed me with a knife. I thought, oh God, what was that?”

He explained how he continued on thinking he was okay until he dropped down. Heath recalled not knowing what was happening. It wasn’t until he climbed up to the top rope that he realized the extent of the damage.

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“I’ve never felt pain like that. It felt like every time I moved, somebody took a knife and twisted it. It wasn’t a hernia. The person at the hospital said I had a hernia. Then I went to a hernia specialist in Charlotte and he said it wasn’t a hernia,” Heath said. “He said I ripped my abductor muscle off the bone and I slightly tore my groin. He said I didn’t need surgery. He said once I ripped my abductor muscle, they can only suture it back to the bone.”

Heath’s Road To Recovery

Heath was told to ice the injury and “do nothing for two months.” Heath then detailed how the damage was discolored from black to blue to purple and yellow. He knew it was bad as he could barely walk at the time.

Thankfully, the worst seems to have now passed. Heath revealed he can get around easier and, although still bruised and uncomfortable, it’s nowhere near as bad. He then revealed that he is due back in January 2021.

To help with his journey back to in-ring action, Heath has been seeing a physical therapist and “hoping for the best.” Although he put on weight as he nursed his injury, he shared he has since cut back down to 235.