Heath Miller Compares Communication in IMPACT to WWE


The former One Man Band talks working in IMPACT

Former WWE Superstar and IMPACT wrestler Heath Slater recently appeared on The Ryback Show podcast. The former Nexus member discussed a number of topics during his time on the show, including what it is like to work for IMPACT.

Heath was let go from WWE earlier this year due to budget cuts stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Slater was one of the more shocking releases, seeing as he was a much beloved member of the roster and has a ton of experience in the WWE style.

Heath on the IMPACT Locker Room

“It’s really a chilled locker, people are very cool, they’re laid back” Heath began on the show. “But the best thing? There’s communication, you know? Like, if I text or call or email? I can expect a response.”

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A number of former WWE talent have talked about the lack of communication from WWE management. Ryback himself has been very vocal about the higher ups in WWE not making instructions clear and creating a land of confusion.

“So, there’s communication. And they actually listen to your ideas to where like, I’m not really used to this!” The former Heath Slater would continue. “Like, what sucks? Is this damn pandemic man.”

Heath would then finish by saying how he misses the feel of a live crowd when he is performing. “Feeding off the people? All of that? I miss the people so much. It’s not just me, it’s everyone. Me, actors, Broadway performers, like we miss the damn people so much. It kind of feels like a practice match when you walk out there sometimes you know?”

“Except you’re in full gimmick now and people are going to see it, so you got to get moving. But my goodness, the energy from the people? I missed the sh*t out of it.”

Have you enjoyed seeing Heath’s run in IMPACT? Do you think that he’ll be part of the proposed tie-in with AEW? Who would you like to see him in the ring with if that is the case? Let us know in the comments