Konnan Comments On Heat Between Him and Owen Hart


Konnan recently spoke about Owen Hart on his podcast.

Konnan was recently asked about wrestling in Canada for Stampede Wrestling early in his career on an episode of his Keepin it 100 podcast. Konnan revealed on the show that he and Owen Hart didn’t get along very well while he was there.

“Owen when I went to Calgary, he wasn’t the friendliest guy with me,” Konnan said on the show. “Because he actually told everybody in the dressing room not to do my lucha libre moves. I had to go to Stu and go ‘bro, that’s all I know how to do’ because I wasn’t trained in American wrestling.”

“I do remember that he would drive this big f***ing van with all the wrestlers in the back. He would ask people if they would help him drive and everybody would say no, so to piss us off, he would play country music like the whole f***ing trip.”

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“I also remember that he and his brother (Bruce Hart), which got a lot of heat in the dressing room, were the only guys that could sell merch,” Konnan continued.

Konnan continued to talk about being scouted by Keith Hart while in Hawaii and more of his time in Canada.

A clip from the show featuring Konnan talking about Owen Hart can be viewed below: