Mark Henry Talks AEW and IMPACT Wrestling Partnership


The Worlds Strongest Man discusses the new business relationship between All Elite and IMPACT

WWE Hall of Famer and co-host of SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio Mark Henry recently discussed the working partnership between IMPACT Wrestling and AEW. Henry would say that he is a fan of the two brands working together.

“I do think it will work” Mark Henry began on Busted Open Radio. “I think that is something that for a long, long time? Fans have wanted. They’ve wanted to see fantasy booking. They wanted to see who was the best from WWE versus the best at WCW, and they got that. Look how successful that ended up being!”

Mark Henry on WWE ‘Invasion’

Henry would then address a rumor that was originally being discussed amongst the likes the of Vince Russo. “Just a few months ago there was a rumor, and it was just a rumor, because if it had any legs? It would have happened. An invasion from WWE to AEW, and I was like, ‘oh, man. That would be cool.'”

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It seemed odd for Henry to address this rumor as it appeared to be fairly baseless from the get go.

AEW made [the partnership], they made it a reality with IMPACT” Mark Henry continued. “There’s some good, really outstanding talent on Tuesday nights, so I’m looking forward to seeing how that’s gonna happen.”

Mark Henry would finish by mentioning how the relationship with NWA has helped AEW. Specifically, with the National Wrestling Alliance allowing the likes of Thunder Rosa to appear on All Elite programming and PPV. “I mean you see Thunder Rosa is coming in and wrestling the women at AEW, and she’s adding a lot to their women’s division. So it’s good relationship for both and it’s good for every company involved.”

AEW Champion Kenny Omega will be appearing on IMPACT this week. The newly crowned Champion took the belt last week with help from IMPACT’s Don Callis.

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