Mauro Ranallo Addresses His Decision To Leave WWE


Mauro Ranallo opened up on what led to his WWE departure

Mauro Ranallo parted ways with WWE for a second time earlier this year and now has opened up on it. 

Ranallo’s first run saw him as the lead announcer for SmackDown Live before he left the company only to return and be in that same role on WWE NXT brand. 

Ranallo did an interview with POST Wrestling where he opened up on his decision. 

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WWE is one of the most mentally grueling places — and that’s not necessarily a criticism by any means — there’s a reason Vince McMahon has built a multi-billion dollar empire. Is it perfect? Not by any means, but neither am I.”

Joining WWE was a dream come true because of his love of pro wrestling. He brought up how his childhood friend envisioned him working for the company and although his late friend didn’t get to see it, he did get a chance to join the company. 

Ranallo felt good chemistry with Jerry Lawler and Bryon Saxton on SmackDown, but WWE made changes. He can work with anyone, but he wasn’t a fan of having several people on the broadcast at the same time such as a four or eight-man booth. 

“I get it, but that’s not what I want as a commentator. I get the stressful situations, I get the changes on the fly and the system there, but for my mental health, even moving to NXT. When we were live, it was the best experience I could ask for, and that’s a testament to what Triple H and everyone down in NXT have done. I just felt, for my own mental health, even doing the show from home, it was to the point where I would have a panic attack in the morning of the recordings in the last few months.”

He continued, All respect, I didn’t like what was happening and who was involved. I didn’t like…all due to respect to all announcers, I believe in chemistry. Maybe I was the problem. On show day, I’m not a great guy to be around because I’m completely focused. I’m prepared and I expect everyone else to be the same. There’s another reason, I’m a play-by-play announcer, and I think I’m one of the best in business, I need to be left alone at times.”

He thanked WWE for everything, noting that his work there improved his standing in the world. It opened other doors for him, as well.

“It was like my life, it was filled with ups and downs and aberrations. Sometimes when a dream comes true, it doesn’t remain a dream, sometimes you’re not supposed to meet your heroes.”

Ranallo voiced his appreciation for the company and while he didn’t see eye to eye with Vince McMahon and vice-versa, he still respects him. NXT was Vince McMahon‘s vision, and ultimately it became too much for him. 

Check out the full interview in the YouTube player embedded below. His comments about WWE begin around the 17-minute mark.