Sasha Banks Talks Bayley Feud, Jokes About WWE Creative


Sasha Banks says she could be back with Bayley soon

WWE has a habit of changing creative direction for ongoing storylines and nixing long-standing plans in favour of a new idea and Sasha Banks is having fun with this habit of the company officials.

The Boss recently talked to Charlotte Wilder of Fox Sports. In the interview titled The Year of Sasha Banks As Told By The Boss, the SmackDown women’s champion reflected on the incredible year she has had.

During the interview, Banks also talked about her feud with Baylay. When asked if there is possibility of her reuniting with her friend after their fall out earlier this year, the SmackDown star replied by saying that anything is possible in WWE:

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“Knowing WWE, absolutely, it is so crazy here. Girl, do you not know what I do for a living? Of course, anything is possible here. We will be best friends, probably by tomorrow. This is WWE. They’ll probably make us get married. Who knows? Maybe next year. It’s WWE.”

While Sasha Banks seem to be having fun with WWE‘s contradictory booking decisions, some recent developments suggest that not everything is right between her and the company.

WWE has decided not to promote her appearance in Disney’s The Mandalorian web series. The current champion also recently changed her name on social media, leading to many speculations about her relationship with the company.