The Great Khali Joins Farmer Protests In India


The Great Khali has joined the mass farmers' protests in India.

Former World Heavyweight Champion, the Great Khali, has joined the ongoing mass farmer protests in India. Khali is urging Indians to support their farmers and oppose new regulations brought in this September by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Khali is fairly easy to notice at the protests as he stands a foot taller than anyone else.

Additional footage of The Great Khali at the protests can be viewed in the player below:

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205 Live’s Bollywood Boyz also posted about the protests:

What Are The Farmers In India Protesting?

58% of Indians rely on farming for their livelihoods. New laws passed this September have eliminated mandatory minimum prices for their products, however, which many feel will open up the doors for corporations to undercut their competition. This could be devastating for individual and smaller-scale farmers.

Tens of thousands of farmers have flocked to New Delhi to protest the new laws. They have been met with police resistance.

The protests have caused a bit of an international incident between India and Canada, where 1.37 million people with Indian heritage live (including Jinder Mahal & the Bollywood Boyz). Prime Minister Justin Trudeau released a statement supporting the farmers’ right to protest and was more or less told to stay out of it by the Indian government. Trudeau’s response is below: