Young Bucks Explain How A Shaquille O’Neal Appearance Benefits AEW


The Young Bucks have opened up their interest in having Shaquille O'Neal appear in All Elite Wrestling.

The Young Bucks have discussed why Shaquille O’Neal appearing in AEW would be so beneficial for the promotion. Matt and Nick Jackson broached the topic during an interview with WrestleZone while promoting their new book, Young Bucks: Killing The Business From Backyards To The Big Leagues.

Nick Jackson explained how he’s all for the NBA star to crossover into AEW. He stressed how Shaq’s involvement would undoubtedly “[…] get more eyeballs on our product and that’s definitely a way to get the fans that probably wouldn’t watch AEW Dynamite.”

He noted how Shaquille O’Neal is a celebrity who has a lot of fans outside of wrestling. Nick argued how those fans could gravitate to AEW if he were to appear on the show in some capacity.

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Nick then shared how Shaq was actually backstage at AEW Full Gear in November. According to Nick, Shaq stood up and gave them a standing ovation following The Young Bucks‘ bout against FTR.

AEW hinted that Shaquille O’Neal could be bound for the promotion a few weeks ago. Jade Cargill interrupted Cody Rhodes during a promo and mentioned his name. For what it’s worth, Shaq has expressed his interest in wrestling Cody in the past.

Since this initial tease, however, AEW has not provided any further hints that Shaq could be involved with the promotion.

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