Jeff Hardy Update Following Crazy Spot On Monday’s RAW


Jeff Hardy is said to be okay following a scary moment during last night's Monday Night Raw.

Jeff Hardy competed in a “Symphony of Destruction” match against Elias during Monday’s WWE Raw. Unfortunately, Hardy appeared to sustain a head injury during a key moment following a Swanton Bomb to the outside of the ring.

Upon driving Elias through a table, Hardy hit the back of his head on the steel steps. This impact prompted the referee to immediately check on him to make sure he was okay.

Discussing the scary moment during Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer divulged what they had been told from people backstage following the incident.

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According to Alvarez, Hardy was said to be okay. He confessed, however, he wasn’t entirely sure to what extent. He stressed that Hardy still banged his head on the steps, acknowledging the seriousness of the potential damage.

Meltzer added how Hardy immediately grabbed his head after the impact. He noted how he was “walking around like he was hurting real bad” before stressing that it “wasn’t a sell.”

“He was looking to see if he split his head open, which it didn’t appear that he did but I had heard that there was kind of an expectation that he had a concussion but he hadn’t been diagnosed as having one because that wouldn’t come as yet anyway.”

Jeff Hardy defeated Elias in a ‘Symphony of Destruction’ match last on Monday Night Raw, ending their feud.