Vince McMahon Sending Several WWE Stars Back To The Performance Center


Vince McMahon is reportedly not happy with the work rate of some of WWE's bigger guys.

Vince McMahon reportedly is not pleased with the work rate of several wrestlers on the main roster. In particular, Vince is not pleased with the work of some of the company’s bigger-sized wrestlers. According to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, he has ordered some wrestlers to undergo additional training.

Vince McMahon threw a fit about the working ability of certain guys on the main roster, mad in particular about some of the big guys,” wrote Dave Meltzer.

The report would continue to say that Vince has ordered some wrestlers to take two classes per week at the Performance Center. Adam Pearce and Drew Gulak are serving as instructors for the classes.

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“He’s ordered some of the guys back to the Performance Center with two classes per week with Adam Pearce and Drew Gulak as instructors.”

The report did not specifically mention who has been ordered to undergo additional training.


In an update to this story, PW Insider is reporting that the names sent for additional training to the PC include Otis, Keith Lee, Dabbo Kato, Dio Maddin and AJ Styles‘ bodyguard Omos.

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WWE’s “Big Guy” Training

WWE does have specific training programs for bigger guys at the Performance Center for developmental recruits. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash have both spoken previously about work they have done at the PC with larger prospects.

“It was great, I was in Orlando for about 8 or 9 days, cause I went in early. I spoke to Triple H in the past about who’s training the big guys,” Hall said about the training program while on Sean Waltman’s podcast last year.

“So we had a mini big guy summit, I got to watch films with the bigger guys, have one-on-ones with some of them, get in the ring and talk about their different move sets and what they got and stuff.”