WWE TLC Results: Reigns vs. Owens, Firefly Inferno Match, Charlotte Flair Returns


Welcome to our WWE TLC Results. The show aired liveon the WWE Network from the ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, FL.

WWE TLC 2020 Quick Results

  1. Big E, Otis, Daniel Bryan, Chad Gable def. Sami Zayn, King Corbin, Shinsuke Nakamura, Cesaro (Kickoff Show)
  2. Drew McIntyre def. AJ Styles & The Miz in a TLC match to retain the WWE Championship
  3. Sasha Banks def. Carmella via submission to retain the SD Women’s Championship
  4. Hurt Business def. New Day to become the new RAW Tag Team Champions
  5. Charlotte Flair & Asuka def. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler to become Women’s Tag Team Champions
  6. Roman Reigns def. Kevin Owens to retain the Univeral Championship
  7. Randy Orton def. The Fiend in a Firefly Inferno match

Here are the takeaways from the PPV:

Drew McIntyre Retained The WWE Championship

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Drew McIntyre defended the WWE Championship against AJ Styles in a TLC match tonight at the PPV. Omos accompanied Styles to the ring. Styles went after McIntyre’s knee early and hit him with a Dropkick. McIntyre battled back with a Suplex and followed it up with some chops in the corner of the ring.

McIntyre returned the favor and stomped on AJ’s knee before booting him in the ribs. Drew connected with a massive Back Body Drop and went for the Claymore but Styles countered with a kick to the face. McIntyre sent AJ tumbling out of the ring with a powerful chop to the chest.

Drew set up a table and went for a Suplex but AJ blocked it. McIntyre took a look at Omos before slamming Styles into the barricade. Drew set up the ladder under the WWE Championship in the middle of the ring. McIntyre started climbing but AJ stopped him with a chair shot to the knee.

AJ smashed the chair across McIntyre’s back and then set it up in between the turnbuckles. Drew catapulted Styles on the ladder but he landed on his feet and started climbing. McIntyre brought him down and launched him into the steel chair that AJ just set up in the corner.

McIntyre started climbing but AJ threw the chair at him and followed it up with a strike to Drew’s injured knee. AJ connected with an Enziguri and set up for the Styles Clash but McIntyre countered into the Future Shock DDT. McIntyre then lifted the ladder above his head and slammed it on top of AJ.

Styles battled back with another chop block to McIntyre’s knee and the WWE Champion collapsed to the canvas. AJ wrapped Drew’s knee in the ladder and applied the Calf Crusher. Styles followed it up with several chair shots to the champ’s back and injured knee.

AJ put Drew’s leg in the chair and applied the Calf Crusher once again. McIntyre broke the hold by bashing AJ’s face onto the steel ladder. Styles bashed McIntyre’s knee into the ring post and then hit him in the face with a ladder. McIntyre hurled a chair into AJ’s face and tossed another table into the ring.

AJ tripped up McIntyre and he fell onto ladder. Styles went for the Phenomenal Forearm but McIntyre countered into a Belly to Belly Suplex onto the ladder. Styles then connected with the Phenomenal Forearm and both superstars fell to the mat. Omos slid another ladder into the ring and Styles set it up under the title.

Styles made his way up the ladder but McIntyre brought him down and slammed him through a table outside the ring. McIntyre started climbing but The Miz and Morrison rushed the ring. Miz Powerbombed McIntyre through a table and then cashed in his MITB contract to make it a Triple Threat TLC match.

The Miz slowly started climbing the ladder with a smile on his face. Omos got into the ring and grabbed Miz. Omos threw Miz through a table outside the ring and then Morrison him with a chair but Omos was unbothered. Omos walked towards Morrison and the two made their way backstage.

AJ and McIntyre started the climbing the ladder on opposite sides. Styles jabbed McIntyre in the knee but Drew shrugged it off and punched AJ in the face. The Miz crawled back into the ring and set up another ladder next to them. The Miz grabbed the title but McIntyre caught him with a punch to the face.

McIntyre bounced Miz’s face off the ladder and shoved him to the mat. AJ hopped back on the ladder and traded punches with McIntyre. Styles knocked McIntyre off the ladder but The Miz hopped back onto it. McIntyre shoved the ladder and AJ tumbled out of the ring. Drew then leveled Miz with the Claymore and grabbed the WWE Championship to retain the title.

Sasha Banks Tapped Out Carmella

Sasha Banks defended the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Carmella tonight. Carmella immediately rolled out of the ring right when the bell rang. Banks went after her and connected with an Arm Drag before rolling Carmella back in the ring.

Banks launched Carmella out of the ring but Reginald (her assistant) caught her. Carmella then drove Banks into the steel steps before the action returned to the ring. Carmella went for the cover but Banks kicked out at two. Sasha battled back and hit a Meteora for a near fall.

Carmella and Sasha battled on the ring apron and Carmella connected with a slam that sent Banks to the floor. Back in the ring, Carmella went for the cover but the champ kicked out at two. Sasha connected with a Backbreaker and then a kick to the face.

Sasha hit Double Knees in the corner and followed it up with Three Amigos. Banks climbed to the top rope and hit a Frog Splash for a near fall. Carmella connected with a Facebuster and went for the cover but Sasha kicked out at two. Carmella hit Banks with a Superkick and went for the cover but Sasha grabbed the bottom rope to break it up.

The two superstars battled on the top turnbuckle and Carmella hit a Hurricanrana but Sasha rolled through for a two count. Carmella locked in the Code of Silence in the middle of the ring. Sasha escaped but Carmella quickly applied the Chicken Wing. Banks escaped into a roll-up for a near fall.

Carmella went for a Bronco Buster but Sasha got out of the way. Sasha then applied the Bank Statement in the middle of the ring. Reginald then dragged Carmella out of the ring and Banks hit him with a Meteora. Carmella took advantage with two kicks to the face and rolled Banks back into the ring.

Carmella went for the cover but Sasha was somehow able to kick out at the last moment. Carmella threw a tantrum and started smacking Sasha in the face. Carmella went for another Facebuster but Sasha countered into the Bank Statement for the submission victory. Sasha Banks is still the SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Opinion: WWE TLC opened with two very good matches. I expected the WWE Championship match to be great but Carmella has definitely improved in the ring and delivered an entertaining match with Banks tonight.

Hurt Business Captured The RAW Tag Titles

New Day defended the RAW Tag Team Championships against Hurt Business’ Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin. MVP was ringside for the match. New Day isolated Cedric in the ring to start off the action and took turns beating him down. Benjamin tagged in and Kofi greeted him with a Double Stomp off the top rope for a near fall.

Woods tagged in and planted Benjamin with a Tornado DDT for a two count. Cedric tagged in and applied a submission hold to Woods in the middle of the ring. Woods connected with an Enziguri and both superstars fell to the mat. Benjamin and Kofi tagged in and Kingston connected with another Dropkick.

Cedric tagged in and Kofi greeted him with SOS for a near fall. Alexander dodged Trouble in Paradise and hit Kingston with a knee to the face. Cedric followed it up with a Brainbuster and went for the cover but Woods broke it up. Shelton planted Woods with Paydirt and then tagged in.

Shelton went for an Olympic Slam but Kofi escaped and booted Benjamin in the face. Benjamin brought Kingston to the top rope and connected with a Superplex. Alexander tagged himself in and hit Kofi with the Lumbar Check for the pinfall victory. Hurt Business are the new RAW Tag Team Champions. Hurt Business then celebrated on the entrance ramp after the match.

Charlotte & Asuka Are The Women’s Tag Champs

Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax defended the Women’s Tag Team Championships against Asuka and a mystery partner tonight at TLC. Asuka‘s partner was supposed to be Lana but Nia & Shayna injured her on RAW. The mystery partner was revealed to be Charlotte Flair.

Asuka and Shayna locked up in the middle of the ring. Baszler booted Asuka in the midsection but the RAW Women’s Champion responded with some kicks of her own. Asuka went for an Armbar but Shayna escaped and tried to stomp on Asuka‘s arm.

Charlotte then tagged in and leveled Baszler with a Clothesline. Flair went for the Figure Four but Shayna was able to escape. Nia Jax tagged in and slammed Charlotte into the turnbuckle.

Asuka tagged in and connected with Double Knees. Nia battled back with a headbutt and then threw Asuka into the ring post. Shayna and Nia took turns beating down Asuka in the corner of the ring as Charlotte pleaded for a tag.

Nia launched Asuka into the barricade outside the ring and then tagged Shayna back in. Charlotte leveled Baszler outside the ring and finally was able to tag back in. Charlotte unloaded some chops to Nia as Ric Flair was shown watching backstage.

Flair booted Jax in the face and then delivered a Fallaway Slam to Shayna. Charlotte stomped on Nia’s knee and followed it up with a big boot for a two count. Asuka hit Baszler with a knee to the face as Flair climbed to the top rope.

Charlotte connected with a Moonsault and rolled Nia into the ring. Charlotte went for the Figure Four but Nia booted her away. Asuka tagged in as Nia planted Flair with a Samoan Drop. Asuka connected with a Dropkick off the top rope and Baszler tagged in.

Shayna went for the Kirifuda Clutch but Charlotte was able to tag herself in. Charlotte bounced Shayna’s face into the turnbuckle and then booted Nia off the apron. Charlotte locked in the Figure Four and bridged into the Figure Eight but Nia broke it up. Asuka took out Jax with the Hip Attack as Charlotte connected with the Natural Selection on Shayna for the pinfall victory. Charlotte and Asuka are the new Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Opinion: It is easy to joke about Charlotte returning and already becoming a champion but the division missed her and it is good to see her back.

Roman Reigns Retained The Universal Title

Roman Reigns defended the Universal Championship against Kevin Owens in a TLC match. Kevin Owens attacked Reigns and sent him into the corner of the ring. Owens connected with a Cannonball and followed it up with a Splash off the ring apron. Jey Uso tried to attack Owens but Kevin was ready for it.

Owens grabbed a steel chair and bashed it over Jey’s back. Kevin bashed Reigns with the chair before returning to Jey. Uso went for a Superkick but Kevin bashed him in the leg several times with the chair. Owens put Jey’s foot in the chair and stomped on it.

Reigns caught Owens with the Drive By as WWE officials helped Jey to the back. Roman grabbed the steel steps and hit Owens several times with them. Back in the ring, Reigns beat the hell out of Owens with a steel chair. Reigns set up a couple chairs and connected with a Back Body Drop that sent Owens flying on top of them.

Roman started climbing up the ladder but Kevin Owens brought him down with a couple chair shots. Owens hit Reigns with a Brainbuster on top of the chair and said to Roman “you are making me do this”. Kevin started climbing towards the title but Jey Uso dragged him down.

Reigns connected with the Superman Punch as Jey brought a table into the ring. Roman put his boot on Owen’s head and shoved it into the mat. Owens hit Jey with a Superkick and then delivered a Stunner to Roman Reigns. Kevin then hit the Pop-Up Powerbomb that sent Jey through the announce table.

Back in the ring, Owens started climbing the ladder but Reigns scaled up the other side. Reigns brought Owens down and Powerbombed him onto a ladder and then Chokeslammed him through a table outside the ring. Reigns planted Owens with a Samoan Drop through a table before returning to the ring.

Reigns started climbing the ladder but Owens grabbed his leg. Roman laughed and Speared Owens through a table in the corner of the ring. Owens started taunting Roman and told him that he is going to have to kill him. Reigns went for another Spear but Owens got out of the way and Roman crashed through the barricade.

Owens started climbing the ladder in the ring and grabbed the title but Reigns brought him back down. Reigns connected with a Superman Punch but Owens shrugged it off and hit a Pop-Up Powerbomb that sent Roman through a table. Owens climbed back up the ladder but once again Jey Uso interfered.

Kevin hit Jey with a few headbutts and followed it up with a Stunner. Kevin started climbing once again but Roman hit him with a low blow. Reigns then locked in the Guillotine choke on top of the ladder and Owens fell to the mat. Reigns grabbed the title to win the match and retain the Universal Championship.

Opinion: I thought this match was very well done. Owens just kept fighting but simply could not overcome the odds. It took relentless interference from Jey Uso and a low blow from Reigns to retain the title. This was a great feud and showed how low Reigns will go to remain at the top.

Orton Set The Fiend On Fire

The Fiend battled Randy Orton in the first ever Firefly Inferno match. The only way to win is to set your opponent on fire. Orton punched The Fiend in the face to start off the action but The Fiend just giggled. Orton went for an RKO but The Fiend blocked it and beat the hell out Randy in the corner of the ring.

The Fiend went for Sister Abigail but Orton escaped and connected with a Dropkick. The Fiend shrugged it off and raked Orton’s face across the top rope. The Fiend absolutely leveled Orton with a Crossbody and went for the Crossbody but Randy was able to counter into a Backbreaker.

Orton went for another RKO but The Fiend blocked it and connected with the Sister Abigail. The Fiend raised his arms and flames appeared on behind the barricade. The Fiend bounced Orton’s face off the steel steps and raked his eyes. The Fiend hit a Clothesline and grabbed a strap from under the ring.

The Fiend whipped Orton across the back several times and then set the strap on fire. The Fiend went to hit Randy but he ducked and the strap fell behind the barricade. The Fiend grabbed a pickaxe from under the ring but Orton dodged that as well. The Fiend launched Orton into the barricade and then grabbed a rocking chair.

The Fiend poured gasoline on the rocking chair and made a path leading up to it. The Fiend slammed Orton into the steel steps and then put him in the rocking chair. The Fiend pulled out a lighter but Orton was able to escape before the rocking chair went up in flames.

Orton hit The Fiend with an axehandle and then bashed the steel steps on his face. Orton tried to shove The Fiend’s face into the flames but he was able to esscape. Randy wrapped a steel chain around his fist but The Fiend planted him with a Uranage in the middle of the ring.

Randy planted The Fiend with a DDT off the ring apron but The Fiend popped up and locked in the Mandible Claw. Orton turned The Fiend around and shoved him into the flames. Orton rolled into the ring but The Fiend chased after him while on fire. Randy planted The Fiend with the RKO and then grabbed the can of gasoline. Orton poured the gasoline all over The Fiend in the middle of the ring. Randy grabbed a match and then lit The Fiend on fire to close the show.

Opinion: Orton and Wyatt have had some horrific matches in the past (House of Horrors, WrestleMania 33) but this one worked for me. It was gimmicky as hell and obviously pretaped but I was able to enjoy it for what it was. I’ll take someone getting lit on fire over worms projected onto the ring any day. Overall, WWE TLC was a very entertaining PPV with the WWE and Universal Championship matches being the best of the show.