Daniel Bryan Names 5 WWE Superstars He Wants To Work With


SmackDown's Daniel Bryan has shared which current Superstars he'd be interested in feuding with.

Despite having faced some of WWE‘s top Superstars, there’s still plenty of wrestlers SmackDown’s Daniel Bryan is interested in competing against. Speaking with WWE on BT Sport, Bryan shared which Superstars he’d love to share the ring with.

“One person that I’d like—just because he can do so many incredible things that I’d like to wrestle [him]—is Ricochet. Same thing with, like, Apollo Crews…I think Apollo Crews is infinitely talented.”

He continued, “One of the guys who’d I’d really like to have a like real like…something where we can stuck in with, that I’ve never had the opportunity to do, is Shinsuke Nakamura.”

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Bryan added how, alongside more established Superstars, he’s excited to embrace the challenge of competing against new, young talent.

He then turned his attention to Seth Rollins. Bryan discussed how, although they have competed in WWE, they haven’t had a long-running feud that’s “built into a big match.”

Bryan concluded by sharing his interest in also competing against Rey Mysterio, noting how Rey is a personal hero of his. He also added he would be open to wrestling against Dominik Mysterio if the opportunity presented itself.

Daniel Bryan has reportedly been pushing for younger talent to be brought up from NXT to SmackDown. His attempts were apparently met with some opposition, however.

He recently faced off against Shinsuke Nakamura as part of a Gauntlet match on SmackDown. Nakamura eliminated him from the match.

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