Darren Young Reveals Trick To Make Money In WWE


Darren Young reveals a tactic he learned from his former tag team partner Titus O'Neil

Former WWE star Darren Young recently had an interview with WrestlingInc where he talked about things like moving on from his WWE career and more.

During the interview, the former Nexus member praised his former tag team partner Titus O’Neil for being a hustler who always used to find something to do in the company.

He then revealed a trick to making money in WWE explaining that appearing on WWE‘s reality show Total Divas was a guarantee to get a check even when you were not doing anything on Raw or SmackDown:

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“With WWE and their reality show, Total Divas, anytime the cameras are around, I get right on there because for me, not being a part of the show; you’re going to get a check in the mail because you’re on their show. They pay you. Any time I see Nattie (Natalya) Neidhart, I go, ‘Hey girl, how you doing? How’s everything going?’

And Nattie knows how to turn it on. ‘Oh my God, I’m having so much problems with this Diva, that Diva,’ and I’m just listening, listening.” said Darren Young, “So I know when the cameras are on, a check is in the mail for me. After you’re done and the cameras turn away from you, they’re writing down who was involved in each scene.”

It was pointed out that Titus is also seen on Total Divas very often and Young revealed that he actually learned this tactic from his former tag team partner saying “that’s who I learned it from.”

Apart from this, Darren Young also talked about being part of Theality TV and more. You can check out the full interview of the former WWE star here.