Jim Cornette Says That Johnny Gargano Should Be a Coach, Not An On-Screen Performer


Corny says that Johnny 'Sameface' shouldn't be on television

Former NWA commentator and outspoken pro wrestling personality Jim Cornette recently discussed Johnny Gargano and his role on NXT television.

Cornette was reviewing the most recent episode of NXT during the Drive Thru podcast. During the show, Cornette would make some comments towards Gargano and his wife Candice LaRae. Jim Cornette has made it clear in the past that he finds Gargano boring, bland and not the right fit for WWE television.

“I can’t explain putting these f*cking two on the show constantly” Cornette began on the Drive Thru. “I mean, even if he’s a good…her (Candice LaRae) aside? She’s just a run of the mill girl wrestler, who gives a sh*t? But he technically is a good performer.”

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“Sure if it wouldn’t be for his size, his lack of personality and his obnoxiously phoney interview style and everything else about him he’d be great” Jim Cornette continued. “Give him a contract and make him a trainer, you know? He can do all the moves. Let him do motion capture for the video game.”

Jim Cornette would then finish by saying emphatically that Gargano should be taken off of NXT television. “He can do all the moves but this guy is not a television personality that anybody wants to f*cking see. The only people that want to see it are the people that want to see moves.”

Overall, Cornette appears to be far more favourable of talent in NXT than that of AEW. Every week Cornette will praise the likes of Damian Priest, but he will also lambast NXT for pushing the ‘generic’ performers he sees, such as Gargano.

Do you agree with Jim Cornette‘s opinion of Johnny Gargano? Do you think that Gargano will have a good run on the ‘main roster’ if he ever gets called up full time? Let us know in the comments