Mustafa Ali and Sgt. Slaughter Trade Shots On Twitter


Mustafa Ali ripped WWE's legends night recently and Sgt. Slaughter responded.

Mustafa Ali was not pleased that his Retribution stable had to make room for several legends to appear on RAW last week. He aired his grievances with the show on an episode of RAW Talk recently.

Former WWE Champion, Sgt. Slaughter, recently responded to Mustafa Ali online in response to comments made by a fan on Twitter.

Mustafa Ali responded by reminding Sgt. Slaughter of the time he turned his back on America and became an Iraqi sympathizer.

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Mustafa Ali ripped WWE legends night during his recent appearance on RAW Talk.

“I am agitated, I’m angry but most of all I’m confused,” Ali said on the show. “We dedicated a 3-hour show to old has-beens. You want to call them legends, call them whatever, they’ve had their time. A night like tonight is exactly what is wrong with this company. 3 hours to guys that can barely walk?” Ali said.

“I know exactly that the generation before me paved the way but when the hell are you going to let me walk on that path? Guys like Drew Gulak, Akira Tozawa, myself, all of Retribution not on the show, why? Because we need to hear ‘whatcha gonna do brother?’ again for the seventh million time.”