MLW Fusion (2/10): Lio Rush Becomes Double Champion


MLW Fusion 2/10 featured a title vs title match between Lio Rush and Laredo Kid.

MLW Fusion 2/10 featured a title vs title match between MLW World Middleweight Champion Lio Rush and AAA Cruiserweight Champion, Laredo Kid. The full show is available in the player below.

MLW Fusion 2/10 Quick Results:

  1. ACH defeated Brian Pillman Jr.
  2. Calvin Tankman defeated Zenshi
  3. Daivari & Simon Gotch vs Jordan Oliver & Myron Reed – No Contest
  4. MLW Middleweight Championship vs AAA Cruiserweight Championship
    Lio Rush (MLW Middleweight Champion) defeated Laredo Kid (AAA Cruiserweight Champion)

ACH Defeats Brian Pillman Jr. Despite Injury

ACH came into his match against Brian Pillman Jr. with taped ribs due to the recent attack by Team Filthy and his title match against Contra Unit’s Jacob Fatu. Not long after the match began, Team Filthy sauntered out to get a closer view. The finish of the match came when ACH kicked Pillman in the face as he was on the top turnbuckle and followed that up with a brainbuster for the win.

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Team Filthy attacked after the match but ACH was saved by The Von Erich brothers. ACH then played up the Texas roots of him and the Von Erichs as a reason for their alliance. ACH & The Von Erichs versus Team Filthy could be in the works.

Savio Vega Will Not Sell IWA, Will Face Mil Muertes In Aztec Jungle Fight

Last week, Salina de la Renta offered to purchase a controlling interest in Savio Vega’s IWA promotion in Puerto Rico. Vega said this week that the promotion is not for sale. Later in the show, Salina says turning down Promociones Dorado was not an option. Next week, Vega will be made a sacrifice to the new temple, Salina continued, when he faces Mil Muertes in an Aztec Jungle Fight!

Calvin Tankman Defeats Zenshi

Calvin Tankman is moving up the rankings in MLW fast and he helped his cause this week with a win over Zenshi. This was the second time the two have fought, and while Zenshi got in some offense, it was Tankman who came out with the W once again after delivering a Tankman Driver for the win.

MLW Top-10 Rankings via Pro Wrestling Illustrated

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MLW announced updated top-10 rankings this week as well.

MLW World Champion: Jacob Fatu (Contra Unit)

  1. Alexander Hammerstone (National Openweight Champion) (Dynasty)
  2. Tom Lawlor (2020 Opera Cup Winner) (Team Filthy)
  3. Low Ki
  4. Lio Rush (MLW Middleweight Champion)
  5. Mads Krugger (Contra Unit)
  6. Richard Holliday (Caribbean Champion) (Dynasty)
  7. Mil Muertes (Azteca Underground)
  8. Myron Reed (Injustice)
  9. Daivari (Contra Unit)
  10. Laredo Kid

Contra Unit Attacks Injustice

We were supposed to get a tag-team match between Simon Gotch & Daivari versus Injustice this week but the match was thrown out. As Jordan Oliver and Myron Reed were making their way to the ring, they were both attacked from behind by Jacob Fatu. This allowed Contra Unit a 3-on-2 advantage. Despite this, Injustice got the advantage after Myron Reed dove on top of the faction and Injustice then delivered a double team cutter move on Fatu. Jordan Oliver has been saying he’s coming for the MLW World Championship and he might get his wish soon.

Next Week On Filthy Island

Next week on Fusion, MLW heads to Filthy Island. This “Fyre Festival” type situation may have seen all its sponsors pull out, but this week several matches were confirmed for the event.

  • Dominic Garrini vs Mauna Loa
  • King Mo vs Low-Ki
  • Aztec Jungle Fight
    Mil Muertes vs Savio Vega

Lio Rush Wins AAA Cruiserweight Championship

It was clear early in this match that Lio Rush was going to wrestle a heavy heel style. Laredo Kid had to chase after him as he continuously bailed to the outside.

Near the end of the match, Laredo Kid looked as though he had injured Lio’s knee. He had him in a modified figure four by Rush was able to get to the ropes. The finish of the match came shortly after when Laredo Kid missed a senton and Lio Rush followed that up with a springboard stunner followed by the Final Hour frog splash for the win.

The show came to a close as Lio Rush celebrated with both his championships in the ring.

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