Update On Sammy Guevera’s Creative Differences With Impact Wrestling


More news is available on Sammy Guevara's clash with Impact creative.

Sammy Guevara was reported to have been sent home from a recent set of Impact Wrestling tapings held in Nashville. According to a report from Slam Wrestling, Chris Jericho had come up with the idea of Sammy going to his friend Don Callis‘ wrestling promotion following his leaving the Inner Circle in AEW. Guevara evidently disagreed with the creative direction his character would take in the promotion and once the dust cleared, he went home and did not take part in the tapings.

The incident was addressed recently in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The report states that Sammy came in for the tapings held from 2/9 to 2/11.

“We don’t know the details of the creative past he was going to win three matches at the tapings that just took place,” wrote Dave Meltzer. Sammy then is said to have suggested to Impact that he win the X-Division title and never lose it before returning to AEW, which Impact rejected.

Sammy Guevara Makes An Impact

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It seems as though everyone involved in the situation has smoothed things over with each other. Still, Jericho and Callis were the ones who came up with the idea and likely weren’t thrilled with how everything went down.

“Chris Jericho was the one who put the angle together with Don Callis. It made Jericho look bad to Impact because he and Callis came up with the idea and then Guevara didn’t want to do it,” Meltzer continued.

Jericho then made a comment on AEW this week that Sammy had been making a lot of bad choices as of late, and some have taken that as an inside jab at the situation.

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Meltzer continued to say there were those in Impact quite upset with Sammy.

“Scott D’Amore told Guevara that they didn’t need him when he arrived in Nashville if he doesn’t follow the plans that had already been agreed to. Impact was really mad about AEW sending talent over, them putting plans in place and then the talent wouldn’t do what was planned.”

While the creative had seemingly been agreed on, a source within Impact said that the creative was bad and Sammy was not wrong to disagree with it.

Sammy Guevara tweeted the following on Friday morning, apparently in response to this report circulating about his brush with Impact Wrestling:

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