Saturday, November 27, 2021

Jay White Denies Rumors About Being Approached By AEW

Jay White claims the rumor of him being in contact with AEW isn’t true.

White has emerged as a major star for NJPW. In a short period of time, White went from Young Lion to IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion. Jay eventually captured the IWGP Heavyweight Championship and became an IWGP Intercontinental Champion.

Jay White Slams AEW Rumor

Earlier this year, there were rumors about AEW being interested in signing White. Tony Schiavone poured cold water on the rumor, noting that Jay still had contractual obligations with NJPW. During an interview with Fightful Select, Jay White took a final dagger to the rumor.

“I was never or have never been approached in regards to AEW. Especially when they were starting up. I don’t know where that rumor came from. It’s just like everything else to do with wrestling in regards to wrestling, people just like to push sh*t out there as if it’s true and everyone just eats it up. No, I was never approached in regards to AEW. I don’t know where that came from.

“It just hurts my brain. The only part of that where there was any truth is the very first part of it, talking about the start of this year and about a certain company. Anything after that, none of that is true. It’s completely false. People, I’m sure, they’re probably going to respond and say, ‘Oh, he’s just saying that because he’s not into telling the truth.’ But I’m doing you a favor and telling you the truth here—them approaching me and some contract I was on, both things 100% false.”

White is the current NEVER Openweight Champion. He has taken advantage of cross-promotion as he’s appeared on Impact Wrestling. He’s scheduled to put his title on the line against Tomohiro Ishii at NJPW Battle in the Valley on Nov. 13.

It’s possible that Jay can eventually show up in AEW even if he’s still under contract with NJPW. Since those rumors first surfaced, AEW and NJPW have become chummy when it comes to doing business with one another.

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