205 Live Highlights: I Quit Match, Alicia Fox Dumped Again

It was an eventful night in 205 Live last night. The show aired from the At&T centre in San Antonio. The main event featured an “I Quit Match” between Noam Dar and Cedric Alexander.

205 Live
July 12th 2017
AT&T Centre

  • The show opened with Tozawa speaking to Titus O’Neil (who was on speaker phone).
  • Titus told him he will get a rematch for the cruiserweight title.
  • Daivari came in and cut a really good promo somewhat out of the blue, about how prestigious wrestling is in Iran.
  • He also lets Tozawa know they have a match later tonight.

1. Akira Tozawa vs. Ariya Daivari

  • Once Tozawa gained the upper hand in this match, Neville hit the ring and attacked him.
  • Neville put Tozawa in the Rings of Saturn as we build towards a rematch between the two.

Winner: No Contest (match thrown out after interference from Neville)

  • Highlights are shown of Drew Gulak attempting, and missing, a high flying move against Mustafa Ali last week.
  • Gulak cuts a backstage promo, similar to a politician giving an apology for some scandal. He admits he “…dove”.
  • He then challenged Mustafa Ali to another match next week to determine once and for all whose approach to wrestling is better. It will be a 2-out-of-3 falls match.

2. Rich Swann vs. Mario Connors

  • Before the match could get started, TJP’s 8-bit music begins to play, and he walked to ringside.
  • TJP definitely had heel mannerisms while walking to the ring area.
  • Swann picked up the victory with the Phoenix Splash as TJP watched on.

Winner: Rich Swann

  • TJP got in the ring after and told Swann he could beat the guy in half the time. Then he decided he was going to wrestle Mario as well.
  • He also asked that Swann’s time to beat Mario be put on the screen so he can try and beat it.

3. TJP vs. Mario Connors

  • TJP only needed 28 seconds to beat Mario with the Detonation Kick.
  • Swann watched on.

Winner: TJP

  • Brian Kendrick came dressed up as Jack Gallagher.
  • Kendrick doesn’t like that Gallagher is turning wrestling into something cartoonish.
  • He called Gallagher a “2nd rate William Regal”.
  • This brought out Gallagher who said he was a “1st rate Jack Gallagher”.
  • Kendrick ended the segment by beating up Gallagher with the umbrella.

4. I Quit Match
Noam Dar vs. Cedric Alexander

  • I wonder if after this Cedric Alexander really will be done with Noam Dar and Alicia Fox. It seems likely, but this angle has found a way to seemingly never die.
  • Alexander picked up the victory after wrapping Noam’s arm in a chair and repeatedly stomping on it until he quit.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

  • After the match Cedric Alexander got on the mic and told Alicia Fox that he also quit her. This led the crowd to chant “yes! yes!”.
  • He said he was never really into her.
  • Noam said that at 23 he was the youngest member of the roster, and he is a world class athlete. Says he has a woman in every city and ever continent and was just using Alicia Fox.
  • Said Alicia Fox has become more trouble than she’s worth and that she means nothing to him.
  • Cameras focussed on a teary-eyed Alicia Fox to close the show.