205 Live Results and Highlights

205 Live
April 11th 2017
Boston, MA

1. The Brian Kendrick vs. Mustafa Ali

Kendrick lost to Tozawa last week, and finally got taught a lesson himself. This week he is taking on the surging Mustafa Ali, who has set himself apart from others in the cruiserweight mid-card as of late. Kendrick locked Ali in the Captain’s Hook and the bell rang. Kendrick let go of the hold but Ali didn’t tap. Turns out Tozawa rang the bell on the outside.
Ali then turned the tables on Kendrick and hit the inverted 450 splash.
Tozawa then told Kendrick this was lesson #2: looks can be deceiving (he was dressed as the ring bell guy). For the second week in a row Tozawa beats Kendrick at his own game.
Winner: Mustafa Ali

2. Rich Swann vs. Johnny Ocean

The newcomer Ocean got in a little bit of offence, though this was still a showcase match for Swann. He hits a roundhouse kick and the phoenix splash for the win.
Swann gets on the mic after the match and again takes credit for the gifts given to Alicia Fox. This brought out Noam Dar who went back and forth with Swann. This brought out Alicia Fox who snapped a solid Billy Madison reference when she mentioned she has noticed “you looking at me Swann!”. Fox had another gift in her hand that Dar tried to take credit for, but this gift turned out to shoot white powered all over Fox.
Winner: Rich Swann

3. TJ Perkins vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher

This was Perkins first match since embracing a new heel-ish attitude. The winner of the inaugural cruiserweight classic has grown frustrated in recent weeks as he continues to fall farther out of title contention. Perkins through Gallagher head first into the ring post, leading to a solid Fight Club movie reference by Corey Graves when he said “I am Jack’s complete state of unconsciousness”. After that Perkins hit the Detonation kick for the mild upset victory.
After the match Neville came to ringside and raised the hand of Perkins in an act that solidified TJP’s heel turn.
Winner: TJ Perkins