205 Live Star Fires Back at Recent Criticisms of Cruiserweights

WWE Superstar and 205 Live Cruiserweight Ariya Daivari took to social media to fire back at an unnamed professional wrestling critic over their comments on the current 205 Live product. You can read his heated statement here:

“A certain wrestling critic had some unflattering words about 205. Well once again, here’s why he doesn’t understand this business as much as he thinks. WWE found a select group of guys they wanted to launch a new brand with. Anytime a wrestler comes in, they go through a developing phase. They get acclimated to the WWE and find out who they are. It doesn’t matter which brand you do it in, all that matters is you give talent time to develop.

“I use to watch Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose wrestle in front 200 people in the FCW arena and the crowd could be pretty quiet at times even though they were giving fantastic performances. Now they are two of the biggest stars in the industry. There was a tag team called The Mechanics, who weren’t too popular, until they developed into one of the best tag teams going today, The Revival.

“These are just current examples and we could list a lot more guys. Talent takes time. A brand takes time. You’re watching young new talent develop right before your eyes each week. It’s a great time to be a wrestling fan. Enjoy the journey.”