3 UK Independent Stars To Look Out For

Photo Credit: Oli Sandler - Twitter: @OliRingside

The UK wrestling scene has been booming for the past 3/4 years with companies such as PROGRESS, Rev Pro, ICW and OTT leading the charge. Some of the biggest stars to come out of these promotions have gone on to join New Japan (Will Ospreay, Zack Sabre Jr, Marty Scurll), Impact Wrestling (Grado) and even WWE (Trent Seven, Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne).

But who will be the next batch of stars emerging from the British Isles? Well, here are 3 up and coming performers that you should know about:

3James Castle

Photo Credit: Portrait of a Wrestler @Y2Jimbob

The ‘Anarchist’ James Castle has been slowly honing his craft over the past few years, his current accolades include Rev Pro and IPW:UK Tag Team Champion and he holds the Heavyweight Title for smaller East Anglia promotion Wrestling League. Castle has a ton of potential, he has the ability to work as either a Heel or Face (Villain or BlueEye for all you BritWres fans out there!) and can seemingly drag the heat out of even the most apathetic of crowds. Castle is certainly one of those performers whose character is driven by their true to life personality, his love for Hardcore Punk, particularly that of the 80’s CBGB equation, drives his anarchistic persona and will certainly see him connect with audiences on the bigger UK independents, especially PROGRESS.

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