4 Takeaways From WWE SmackDown (6/11)

Photo Credit: WWE.com

The July 11th episode of WWE SmackDown aired live from Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, CA. Here are 4 takeaways from this week’s show:

4Shane McMahon Defeated The Miz Again

The Miz kicked off this week’s show wearing a shirt with his dad’s face on it. The Miz stated that he has been told that he must follow the script tonight and pulled out a piece of paper. Miz read directly off the page and introduced McIntyre and Shane McMahon. The Miz jokingly called Shane McMahon the “breast in the world” and then “pest of the world””.

Elias came down to the ring with McIntyre and McMahon. Shane demanded that Greg Hamilton give him a proper introduction as the best in the world. Shane stated that all great talk shows have a musical guest and that is why Elias was here.

Shane boasted about defeating Roman Reigns at Super ShowDown and added that Roman shouldn’t be ashamed about losing to the best in the world. The Miz claimed that all of Shane’s accomplishments were tainted and that Reigns systematically destroyed Shane at Super ShowDown until McIntyre interfered.

The Miz rolled footage of Roman Reigns’ interview following his loss to Shane at Super ShowDown. Reigns said that he was going to kick ass and take names at Stomping Grounds and the first name is Drew McIntyre.

McIntyre vowed to boot Reigns’ head off at Stomping Grounds with the Claymore Kick. The Miz said Drew McIntyre is wasting his potential on being Shane McMahon’s lackey. Shane told The Miz that he was born into a genetic cesspool because his father is a baked potato. McMahon announced that if Miz defeats Elias and McIntyre tonight, he will get a match against him tonight.

The Miz defeated Elias, but McIntyre attacked him right after the match. McIntyre then quickly defeated Miz with the Claymore Kick. After the match, Shane McMahon said he wanted to face The Miz anyway, and beat him down. The Miz tried to fight back but Shane choked him out for the victory.

It is ridiculous how much screen time Shane McMahon is getting on both RAW and SmackDown right now. He is not giving a new superstar a push, he is wrestling established stars like The Miz and Roman Reigns. I honestly do not understand the point of these feuds, or why WWE is having Shane cut so many promos when he is terrible at them. This terrible segment took up thirty minutes of tonight’s show.

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