4 WWE Superstars We Want To See Repackaged

Some WWE Superstars stick with the same character and the same general persona for the entirety of their careers. Others are given drastic overhauls, some several times, before things click. There are several Superstars on the RAW and SmackDown rosters we feel could benefit from shaking up their images. Here are 4 of them:

1Tye Dillinger

Photo credit: WWE.com

Tye Dillinger exploded onto the main roster scene at the 2017 Royal Rumble with great potential and hope from NXT.  And now he’s being kept away from his full potential because WWE don’t like his “10” chants… so they entered him at number 10 in the 2018 Royal Rumble…?

The whole situation around Tye Dillinger is confusing, it just doesn’t make sense.

Unfortunately I kind of think that Dillinger may have jinxed himself when he told Sky Sports that he’d be happy if he never achieved anything ever again after making his debut on the main roster in 2017… oh dear.

Tye Dillinger is the only entrant on this list that isn’t injured.

While Tye Dillinger has made appearances on SmackDown Live, and even challenged for the odd title, he’s never been involved in a significant feud, story arc, or title challenge.  He sits with the likes of Tyler Breeze, who both shone as stars of NXT but have been unable to make a lasting impact on the main roster.

Tyler Breeze was close to making this list, but his success with The Fashion Police has kept him more relevant than Dillinger.

2Jeff Hardy

With the spot light on Woken Matt Hardy, many may have forgotten the injured Jeff Hardy who has been sat on the sidelines recently with a torn rotator cuff.

With the anniversary of their return to WWE coming up, the main focus of the last year has been on their partnership as a tag team and the development of the Broken gimmick.  What people may have overlooked is that Jeff Hardy was the valuable talent and draw before they left WWE.

Jeff had significantly more WWE title reigns than Matt during their previous stint in WWE, but this contrasts with the resurgence and popularity that Matt Hardy nurtured and grew.  It’ll be interesting to see whether WWE split the brothers up; especially since Jeff has appeared to follow his brother, allowing Matt to cover all the promos and onscreen interviews.

The main question though is whether Jeff will come back as himself, The Enigma, or as The Nefarious Brother Nero.  Hopefully The Ultimate Deletion between Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt will offer further answers.

Either way, Jeff Hardy should take this opportunity and return repackaged as something different to what we have previously seen since WrestleMania 33.

3Big Cass

The following comment from the SEScoops community may some up how Big Cass is perceived in the WWE Universe:

“Big Who?”

A torn ACL, an almost career ending injury, has prevented the 7ft superstar from competing since the middle of last year.  The last anyone saw of him was when Big Cass turned heel against his tag team partner Enzo Amore, attempting to make a name for himself as a power house and next tallest athlete on the roster.

Many fans were frustrated with the continuing feud between Big Cass and Enzo Amore, but now that Amore has been released due to allegations of sexual assault, Big Cass has an open opportunity to break free and clear a new path for himself.

Having seen how much Braun Strowman has achieved since leaving Bray Wyatt’s family, it may have been WWE’s plan to pit the two against each other, with the crowd favouring Strowman as a face compared to Big Cass who received instant negativity from the crowd.

To demonstrate exactly how negative a reaction Big Cass received, it would be hard to predict who would be jeered more, Big Cass or Jinder Mahal.

Big Cass’s sole mission should be to give himself purpose and make himself relevant having cut ties with Enzo Amore, as well as Carmella.  If Big Cass had a target or goal, it should be to make the WWE Universe say: “THAT’S BIG CASS!?” with a new persona and image.

4Dean Ambrose

I am guilty of constantly forgetting about Dean Ambrose at the moment.  It wasn’t long ago that he was competing as part of The Shield and as one half of the RAW Tag Team Champions, but surgery on a torn tricep in December has ruled him out for 9 months.

Ambrose has also been WWE Champion and Intercontinental Champion in recent years, and has been a solid work horse for the company.

Unfortunately, Ambrose appears to have the longest journey back into the ring, and therefore back into relevancy within the WWE Universe.  He won’t be seen in the ring until after SummerSlam at best and won’t have a direction or set angle to return to, unlike Jeff Hardy.

The key word here is ‘relevancy’.  Dean Ambrose runs the risk of returning and not being current or fresh.  His rumoured heel turn on The Shield has been put on hold, and Seth Rollins is likely to have moved on from his role in the tag team championship race as he faces a triple threat match at WrestleMania in April.  Therefore Ambrose will need to find his own way back that captures the WWE Universe.

I think he’s capable of making a successful return with a fresh perspective, but if it involves yet another feud with The Miz… NO!!  It has been done time and time again.  Leave it now and move on.


Are there any other superstars who need to be repackaged in WWE?