5 Star Wrestling (UK) Promotion Loses TV Deal and Ceases Operations

UK based promotion 5 Star Wrestling has confirmed that they will no longer be hosting events in the United Kingdom, they have subsequently lost their weekly Thursday night slot on Freesports, a channel which was available on Freeview, FreeSat, Sky and virtually available on every television set in England.

Opinion: There were a myriad of problems surrounding the 5 Star project since the outset, the company had booked a slew of shows in arenas across England that they found it difficult to fill and sadly poor promotion and management appears to have sent the company to an early grave. There were a number of extremely talented UK stars such as Joey Axl, Nathan Cruz and Zack Gibson who have now lost a weekly slot on UK television through no fault of their own and that is a great shame. Hopefully a company can rise from the ashes and start to build a true following for a mainstream wrestling promotion as there certainly is scope to do so.