5 Takeaways From AEW Dynamite (10/16)

The October 16th edition of AEW Dynamite aired live from the Liacouras Center on Temple University in Philadelphia. In addition to the takeaways below, Santana and Ortiz challenged the Young Bucks to a match at Full Gear. Here are 5 takeaways from this week’s show:

5SCU Overcame An Attack From The Lucha Brothers & Advanced In The Tag Team Tournament

The Lucha Brothers attacked SCU during their entrance at the beginning of the show. Fenix slammed Kazarian into the ring post as Pentagon hit Daniels with a Piledriver on the entrance ramp. Daniels was loaded onto a stretcher and Scorpio Sky took his place in the match.

SCU then battled Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent) in the Tag Team Championship Tournament. Best Friends dominated early and isolated Kazarian in the ring. Scorpio Sky got into the ring but got slammed to the canvas with a Belly to Back Suplex from Trent.

Chucky T hit Scorpio with a Double Stomp and Trent followed it up with a Spear to Kazarian. Best Friends planted Frankie with Double Superplex off the top rope and went for the cover but Kazarian kicked out at two.

Scorpio Sky tagged in and was wrestling in tennis shoes because he wasn’t expecting to compete tonight. Sky lost one of his shoes during the action and the crowd responded with a “he’s got one shoe!” chant.

Sky flipped onto Best Friends outside the ring and then launched his other shoe into the crowd. Someone threw the shoe back into the ring and the crowd erupted. Kazarian planted Trent with a DDT for a near fall.

“He’s got no shoes!” echoed throughout the arena as Sky tagged Frankie in. Kazarian planted Trent with a Body Slam and followed it up with a Springboard Leg Drop for a two count. Best Friends took control and then went for a hug but Scorpio Sky got back into the ring and attacked them.

Trent Dropkicked Scorpio Sky out of the ring and then Best Friends hugged as the crowd cheered. Best Friends hit Kazarian with the Doomsday Knee off the top rope for another near fall. Sky sent Chuck into the barricade as Kazarian connected with a Back Body Drop on the ring apron. SCU then hit Trent with a Powerbomb/Dropkick combo for the pinfall victory. SCU will face the Dark Order next week in the tournament.