5 Takeaways From AEW Dynamite (11/6)

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AEW Dynamite aired live tonight on TNT from the Bojangles’ Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was the final episode of Dynamite before AEW Full Gear this Saturday night. In addition to the takeaways below, a hilarious video package for AEW Champion Chris Jericho aired during tonight’s show.

Here are 5 takeaways from this week’s Dynamite:

5PAC Sent A Message To Hangman Page

PAC faced Trent in the first match of the night. Trent was accompanied to the ring by Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy. The crowd broke out in a “Best Friends” chant as PAC and Trent locked up in the middle of the ring.

The crowd transitioned into a loud “PAC, you suck!” chant and PAC rolled out of the ring. PAC got in Orange Cassidy’s face before returning to the ring. Trent leveled PAC with an elbow to the face and followed it up with a couple of chops to the chest.

Trent connected with a Northern Lights Suplex and went for the cover but PAC kicked out at two. PAC brought Trent to the outside and launched him into the barricade. PAC slammed Trent onto the entrance ramp and then finally returned to the ring.

PAC flipped onto Trent outside the ring and rolled him back inside. PAC climbed to the top rope and hit Trent with a Dropkick for a one count. PAC planted Trent with a German Suplex and bridged into the cover for a near fall.

Orange Cassidy rolled into the ring as Chuck hopped on the ring apron. PAC booted Cassidy in the face and his sunglasses went flying to the outside. Trent capitalized on the distraction with a couple of Clotheslines and then a Suplex that sent PAC to the outside.

Trent flipped onto PAC and then returned the favor by launching PAC into the barricade. PAC battled back and sent Trent to the barricade but Trent bounced off and connected with a Spear.

Back in the ring, Trent hit a knee to the back of PAC’s head for a two count. Trent turned PAC inside out with a Clothesline and followed it up with a Tornado DDT for another near fall.

PAC hit Trent with a Brainbuster on the floor outside the ring. Back in the ring, PAC climbed up to the top rope and hit the Black Arrow for a two count. PAC quickly locked in the Brutalizer and Trent passed out. After the win, PAC vowed to make an example out of Hangman Page this Saturday at Full Gear.

The ending of this match was odd because I don’t think Trent was supposed to kick out of the Black Arrow. However, this was a very fun match to kick off the show and PAC vs. Hangman at Full Gear should be a great match.

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