5 Takeaways From MLW Fusion 12/28 Best of 2019

MLW Fusion 12/28 featured the best matches and segments from 2019.

Jacob Fatu
MLW World Champion Jacob Fatu

MLW Fusion from 12/28 on BeIN Sports presented a Best of 2019 show featuring some of the top matches and angles from the last year. The main event from MLW’s PPV debut this year, Jacob Fatu vs LA Park, was the featured match on the show.

Here are 5 takeaways from MLW Fusion 12/28:

5Is Jacob Fatu An Unstoppable Champion?

The featured match on this week’s episode of Fusion was the main event from the promotion’s PPV debut “Saturday Night SuperFight” on November 2nd in Chicago’s Cicero Stadium. LA Park earned a title shot by winning the 2019 Battle Riot match and presented an opportunity for Selina de la Renta to bring the MLW World Championship back into Promociones Dorado.

What Selina failed to fully appreciate, however, is how dominant a champion Jacob Fatu is. On Fusion this week, a recap video of the Contra Unit’s takeover of the promotion was shown before LA Park vs Jacob Fatu closed the show.

While Fatu’s unique ability was on full display during this match, it would take some outside help from Josef Samael for him to retain his title. In the end, it would be a fireball from Josef Samael and a missed spear that saw Selina driven through a table which would lead to the finish. Fatu finished his opponent off with a moonsault from the top.

With a new year on the horizon, one has to wonder who will be the next to challenge Jacob Fatu?