5 Takeaways From NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4

Photo Credit: WWE.com

5Undisputed Era Retained

Kyle O’Reilly & Roderick Strong of Undisputed Era defended their NXT Tag Team Championships against Mustache Mountain (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven) to start off NXT TakeOver Brooklyn.

Strong and Seven started off the match. A brawl then broke out and Mustache Mountain knocked Undisputed Era out of the ring. Back in the ring, Bate planted Strong with a Body Slam and then tagged Trent Seven back into the match. Seven connected with a right hand but Strong battled back with a Backbreaker.

Kyle O’Reilly tagged in and beatdown Seven in the corner of the ring. O’Reilly connected with a roundhouse kick and then dragged Seven back to the corner. Strong tagged in and stomped on Seven a couple of times before tagging O’Reilly back in.

Seven hit a couple of chops and then planted O’Reilly with a DDT. Bate tagged in and knocked Strong out of the ring. Bate connected with a diving uppercut. Strong tagged in and charged at Bate in the middle of the ring. Bate lifted O’Reilly onto his shoulders and somehow was able to get Strong in the swing at the same time.

Strong dropped Bate with a Clothesline and then tagged O’Reilly back in. O’Reilly hit a series of knee strikes and quickly tagged Strong back into the match. Roderick hit Tyler with a chop to the chest and then tagged O’Reilly once again. Kyle connected with a knee off the second rope for a two count.

Roderick got back in and booted Bate in the face. Strong applied the Gory Stretch but Bate was able to escape. O’Reilly tagged in and tripped up Bate before applying a Heel Hook in the middle of the ring. Strong and O’Reilly took turns stomping on Bate’s leg while it was placed up against the bottom rope.

Bate battled back and launched Strong out of the ring. Bate then did the same to O’Reilly and made his way towards the corner of the ring. Seven tagged in and greeted Strong with a Back Body Drop. Seven then hit O’Reilly with a Suicide Dive and brought him back into the ring. O’Reilly tried to boot Seven in the face but he accidentally hit Strong. Seven then planted Strong with a Suplex and went for the cover but Roderick was able to kick out at the last second.

Roderick hit Seven with an elbow to the face and then tagged O’Reilly back into the match. O’Reilly planted Seven with a Brainbuster in the center of the ring and went for the cover but Seven kicked out at two.  Strong tagged in and hit a knee to Seven’s face in the corner. Strong followed it up with an Olympic Slam for a near fall.

Roderick locked in the Strong Hold as O’Reilly applied the Triangle to Bate in the middle of the ring. Bate showed off his insane strength and lifted O’Reilly up with one arm and then hurled him into Strong to break up the hold. Bate tagged in and traded shots with Strong as the crowd chanted “this is awesome!”.

Bate sent Undisputed Era out of the ring and connected with a Crossbody onto O’Reilly. Bate then leveled Strong with a Clothesline and rolled him back into the ring. Bate then hit Strong with the Tyler Driver 97 and went for the cover but Roderick Strong was somehow able to kick out at two and the match continued.

Tyler made his way up the turnbuckle but Roderick joined him up there and punched him in the face. Bate knocked him down with an elbow to the face but O’Reilly came out of nowhere and slammed Bate’s knee into the ring post. O’Reilly tagged in and booted Seven off the ring apron. O’Reilly then locked in the Heel Hock on Bate’s injured left leg in the middle of the ring as Seven got back up onto the ring apron in the corner.

Seven tried to get into the ring but the referee prevented him. Roderick then dragged Bate back into the middle of the ring while the referee wasn’t paying attention. Seven then grabbed a towel and thought about throwing it into the ring. Seven thought better of it and tossed the towel into the crowd.

Bate battled through the pain and made his way to the corner to tag in Trent Seven. Trent tagged in and hit the Seven Star Lariat on O’Reilly for a two count. Bate tagged in and made his way to the top rope as Seven lifted O’Reilly onto his shoulders. Bate hit Strong off the apron and to the floor and then dropped a knee on O’Reilly’s face for a two count.

Seven tagged back in as the crowd chanted “fight forever!”. Strong got back into the ring and knocked Bate to the outside. O’Reilly and Strong then isolated Seven in the ring and hit him with the High-Low for the pinfall victory. Undisputed Era are still the NXT Tag Team Champions.

After the match, War Raiders (Rowe & Hanson) rushed the ring and beat the hell out of O’Reilly and Strong.