5 Takeaways From WWE RAW (1/21)

Photo Credit: WWE.com

The January 21, 2018 episode of WWE RAW aired live from the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, OK. It was the final episode of RAW before WWE Royal Rumble 2019. Here are 5 takeaways from the show:

5Brock Lesnar Sent A Message To Finn Balor

Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and his advocate, Paul Heyman, kicked off this week’s episode of RAW. Heyman brought up Finn Balor pinning John Cena last week to earn a title shot and the crowd cheered.

Heyman said it wasn’t a fluke and that Finn Balor seized the moment. Paul added that he believes in Finn Balor as well and claimed that Lesnar had spent all this time he had been training for Braun Strowman.

Heyman said that Balor’s is the voice that matters, but he is the voice that martyrs. He added that Lesnar will sacrifice Balor for the sin of making the fans believe that he has what it takes to defeat Brock Lesnar. Heyman stated that even miracles fear Finn Balor before Vince McMahon interrupted.

Vince McMahon claimed that the only way anyone could believe Balor has a chance is if they related it to David vs. Goliath. Braun Strowman joined the party and marched down to the ring. Strowman stated that he was going to rip Lesnar apart if he still is the Universal Champion after Sunday.

Finn Balor interrupted and called this the “same old Monday Night RAW”. Balor added that he earned his opportunity to face Brock Lesnar and vowed to beat him at Royal Rumble. Vince McMahon suggested a real-life David and Goliath story tonight and announced Balor vs. Strowman. Lesnar and Heyman sat ringside for the match.

Strowman controlled the majority of the match until Balor was able to battle back with a Slingblade. Finn made his way to the top rope but Strowman shoved him and Balor landed on Brock. Lesnar caught him and hit a giant Belly to Belly Suplex.

Finn flipped onto Lesnar and then hit him with a Dropkick that sent Brock flying into the barricade. Back in the ring, Balor hit Strowman with the Coup de Grace but Lesnar got into the ring and hit Finn with the F5.

Even though it seems unlikely that Balor will win Sunday, I’m more interested in this match that I was for Lesnar vs. Strowman. Balor was about to defeat Braun Strowman but Lesnar interfered, so WWE did at least did a decent job of making some people believe that Finn has a chance this Sunday night at the PPV.