5 Takeaways From WWE RAW (12/4)

The December 4th, 2017 episode of WWE RAW aired live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. Here are 5 takeaways from this week’s RAW:

5Jason Jordan Challenged Roman Reigns 

Photo Credit: WWE.com

This week’s episode of RAW kicked off with RAW GM Kurt Angle coming down to the ring to “you suck!” chants from the crowd. Angle pumped up the crowd for the RAW Tag Team Championship match and announced that Roman Reigns will also defend his Intercontinental Championship tonight on RAW.

Jason Jordan came down to the ring and asked for a match against Roman Reigns for the IC Title. Angle once again brought up that Jason Jordan is injured and Roman Reigns’ music hit. Reigns told Jordan to earn a shot at the title instead of begging his father to give it to him. Jordan replied that Reigns is constantly given opportunities by WWE management.

Reigns added that he wanted to fight Samoa Joe tonight. Samoa Joe came out from backstage and accepted Reigns’ challenge. Jordan interrupted and challenged Samoa Joe to a match. Roman interrupted and stated that he wanted Joe first. Reigns started to say something to Joe but Jordan hit Reigns with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Angle shoved Jordan off of Reigns and Roman told Kurt to start the match. Angle called for a referee as RAW went to a commercial break.

Jordan had control of the match but appeared to re-injure his knee which halted his momentum. Reigns escaped a Suplex and connected with a Superman Punch and then a Spear for the pinfall victory. Samoa Joe was watching the match from a chair on the entrance ramp.

After the match, Joe grabbed a microphone and claimed that Jason Jordan wore Reigns out and that it will be easy for Joe to lock in the Coquina Clutch. Joe made his way to the ring and brawled with Reigns. Joe locked in the Coquina Clutch but Jordan made the save and connected with a Suplex on Samoa Joe. Reigns then hit Jordan with a Superman Punch and stood tall in the ring with his Intercontinental Championship.

Backstage, Jordan demanded that Kurt Angle give him another shot at Reigns next week. Jordan also wanted a match against Jason Jordan tonight on RAW. Angle said that he would think about and asked Jordan to leave his office and relax. Samoa Joe then appeared and tackled Jordan into a wall. Joe then got in Angle’s face before walking away.

Jordan put up another solid fight against Roman Reigns. He is an elite performer in the ring, but is still facing an uphill battle when it comes to getting the crowd on his side.