5 Takeaways From WWE RAW (5/6)

Photo Credit: WWE.com

The May 6th, 2019 episode of WWE RAW aired live from the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, OH. Here are 5 takeaways from the show:

5Vince McMahon Announced A Wild Card Rule & Two WrestleMania Rematches

Vince McMahon kicked off the show and claimed that this is going to be a RAW that nobody will ever forget. Roman Reigns interrupted and made his way down to the ring. Vince told Roman that he has the police ready if Reigns tries to hit him with a Superman Punch.

Reigns brought up Vince and his spoiled kids lying to the crowd and telling them that they were the authority. Roman told Vince that he only listens to the people now and doesn’t take orders from him.

Daniel Bryan joined the party and claimed that he was robbed of the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. WWE Champion Kofi Kingston interrupted and blasted Bryan for going to the McMahons to complain about his loss at WrestleMania.

Bryan called Kofi an undeserving champion and added that his win was a fluke. Vince suggested a “wild card rule”, in which three superstars from RAW and SmackDown can show up on each show.

Drew McIntyre came down to the entrance ramp and said this is not SmackDown presents RAW. McIntyre called Reigns and egomaniac and vowed to Claymore him back to earth. Vince suggested that Reigns and McIntyre battle in a WrestleMania rematch. McMahon then announced that Kofi Kingston will defend the WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan later tonight.

WWE managed to make the Superstar Shake-Up irrelevant in just a matter of weeks with this new wild card rule. I’m not sure who would be interested in seeing another boring match between McIntyre and Reigns, but Kingston and Bryan should be great.