5 Takeaways From WWE RAW (9/9)

Photo Credit: WWE.com

The September 9th, 2019 episode of WWE RAW aired live from Madison Square Garden in New York, NY. Here are 5 takeaways from this week’s show:

5Stone Cold Hit AJ Styles With The Stunner

Stone Cold Steve Austin moderated the contract signing between Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins to start this week’s RAW. Rollins will defend the Universal Championship against Strowman this Sunday at Clash of Champions. Rollins and Strowman are also the RAW Tag Team Champions and will put the titles on the line against Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler at the PPV.

Austin said that he was happy to back on RAW and told a story about The Undertaker knocking him out once in the Garden. Strowman made his way down to the ring and tried to shake Austin’s hand but he declined. Stone Cold turned away and introduced Universal Champion Seth Rollins. Stone Cold did wind up shaking Strowman’s hand later in the segment.

Seth told Strowman that nobody is stabbing anyone in the back during the tag team title match and claimed that he is the best wrestler on the planet. The crowd booed at that comment and broke out in a “CM Punk!” chant and then transitioned to an “AJ Styles!” chant. Strowman told Rollins that he likes being tag champions but is going to love being Universal Champion. Braun Strowman quoted Austin and said that he was going to open up a can of whoop-ass on Rollins at Clash of Champions.

Styles, Gallows, and Anderson interrupted and did a terrible Stone Cold impression as Austin laughed. Styles wondered if anyone really cared about Steve Austin anymore and the crowd chanted “yes!”. AJ got the “what?” treatment from the crowd and he told them to shut up. Styles told Austin to sit this one out because it has nothing to do with him and has everything to do with Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman.

The crowd started chanting again and Stone Cold pointed out that there are about 18,000 people calling AJ Styles an asshole. Styles hopped up on the apron and told Austin that he has become an asshole in his old age. The OC got into the ring and Styles called Austin an old fart. The audience started chanting “soccer mom!” at Styles as Austin moved the table out of the way.

Rollins and Strowman attacked The OC and beat them down. Rollins went for the Stomp but Styles got out of the way. AJ launched Rollins out of the ring as Austin snuck up behind him. Stone Cold flipped AJ the bird and hit him with the Stunner as the crowd went crazy.

The bickering between AJ Styles and Stone Cold was awesome during this segment. It was so entertaining that one could easily forget that a contract signing for the Universal Championship match between Rollins and Strowman.